Well, look who's here.

I , for one, couldn't believe it, but our cat Salvador actually made it across the Atlantic Ocean with the minimum of fuss. He is the bravest cat I know. Lisa did an incredible job bringing him here, but she tells the story far better than me. Once the jet lag wears off I'm sure she'll enlighten us. Salvador, on the other hand, doesn't seem affected by the whole ordeal. He's already found his favourite perch, which is pictured on the right, and he comfortably wanders around the flat like he already owns the place.

Oh, and today he had burek for the first time - he liked it. No surprise there.


Andrew said...

we seem to be in withdrawal over on this side of the Atlantic. not having that overdressed little guy around, the house feels strangely empty.

jess said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for sally and for his trainer, too.

i bet she could train him to jump through flaming hoops if she wanted to. all it would take would be some lighters, lighter fluid, hula hoops, fish eye treats, vacuums and a strict diet and exercise regimen.

is there anything salvador can't do?

Jay said...

Andrew: Salvador has that effect on people, yes? He'll be back in no time.

Jess: I opted for the flaming hoop routine but Sal wanted a 75% increase in fish eye treats. That's just greedy, quite frankly. Luckily, his trainer has such a tolerant disposition.