It's that time of year again.

No, not Christmas, although that is fast approaching as well. I'm referring to the slew of term papers I have to write. Five in total, rather than the six I originally thought. They are all manageable and I will make time to enjoy Ljubljana while it's shrouded in winter. However, my posting will be irregular once again.

One interesting observation, though. Just as soon as the dishes are washed and the leftover turkey is entombed in cellophane after Thanksgiving dinner, businesses begin to bombard the public with Christmas ads. The Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, people. OCTOBER! That means for two months the Canadian public is forced to listen to Bing Crosby rattling in their ears and corny commercials guilting them into buying gifts for their loved ones.

This is why I don't watch that much television.

Anyway, we're well into November and I have yet to see a massive ad campaign for Christmas crap in Ljubljana. I don't watch television here so I'm not sure if there's holiday commercials playing in rotation. The local supermarket has some decorations but I had to double-check to make sure. It's quite . . . peaceful. I like it. The quiet reminds me of when I came home from work and savouring the silence after being swamped with invasive ear-piercing noises all day.

Thank you, Ljubljana.


Iva said...

Apparently you haven't been to BTC!! (Thank God, may I add) or the center - nama is pretty adorned by now, so is preŇ°eren's square. this year, zmago modic (google him) decide to arrange the christmas constellation in a DNA-like structure. now that's high-brow culture.

Jay said...

Just today I went to Interspar and they were selling Christmas ornaments and chocolates. Funny how the decorations are up shortly before or after I wrote that post!

Still, shilling for Christmas at the end of November is much easier to handle than Christmas ads in October.

Iva said...

blame canada.