A pre-departure posting.

Dober dan!

This is the official first post for our little travel blog, although I'm writing this from our home in Vancouver, British Columbia. Consider this an introduction, of sorts. We plan to upload photos and sketches, write down our observations and experiences and basically keep in touch with friends and family. The time stamp will be in Central European Time, excluding posts written in Canada.

First, I'm (Jay, that is) a sociology major here in Canada. When I first entered the department, I intended to become an ethnographer, but after taking my first theory course I was instantly smitten and changed the course of my studies. I've always loved philosophy and aesthetics, so the change to theory was obvious. Now, I'm interested in the social production of literature, although all aesthetic forms are equally interesting to me.

My lovely companion will write her own introduction, if needs be.

We are currently waiting for our student visas to arrive in our mailbox. Besides that, after a few months of preparation, we are almost ready to arrive. I won't go into all the juicy details around our pre-departure adventures, but there are some anecdotes on my blog, The Stars Have Eyes. You might have to dig around a bit.

One more thing: our blog is named after a Slovene grammar book written by Adam Bohorič in 1584. The text was published in Latin, rather than in Slovene. The book itself is more relevant to this blog than the actual title - I will be a foreigner trying to contextualize my experiences in another culture in English, much like the grammer of one language translated into another.

Expect more to come soon.