Gandalf in Slovenian politics.

BoingBoing has blogged about Janez Drnovesk's profile in the London Times:
"Slovenia’s President is a recluse. Told he had cancer, Janez Drnovsek moved alone to the woods and embraced his inner spirituality. His Government despises him but he is a hero to his people."


pengovsky said...

hehehe... He also called the current PM "the Prince of Darkness" :D

Jay said...


I wonder if they'll ever fight on a mountaintop brandishing majestic swords and towering shields?

Maybe not.

Robin said...

I really enjoyed reading the Times piece, and I think he sounds terrific. A lot more of our politicians should have near-death experiences so that they can live someting more like a real life! I used to say that we needed to bring back political assasinations to put the fear into them, but maybe a serious illness is all that's required.