Lazy Sunday.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shorts. They are long and dark green and comfortable.

We met up with some friends last night and drank with the national hockey team. Don't ask, it's a long-ish story. I was fall-down drunk and said silly things, yes. To those who got us there, you're the best. You know who you are.

I woke up late today. I made a huge pot of couscous, tomatoes, scallions, fried tofu and onion and some olive oil and ate on our balconey, which now has a table and two chairs courtesy of our lovely landlords.

I love eating on our balconey.

Later Lisa and I walked around Ro┼żna Dolina and soaked up the sun. It was perfect. Apple blossoms and lilac perfumed the air. A gentle breeze kept us cool. We strolled under the elm trees in the park and ended up downtown and had coffee, then a massive waffle cone.

This week we have plans. More later, okay?

I'm home now, obviously. Tonight I'm taking it easy, listening to hip-hop via iTunes radio and eating and drinking water.

Good night, internet friends.

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