New copyright law in Europe?

Although I'm not a European I've met my fair share of them, and some them work in media and academics, so listen up! Today I read about IPRED2, a copyright law that will outright criminalize all supposed copyright infringement.

I'm of two minds on copyright. On one hand, as someone who occasionally publishes, having laws to protect my work from being stolen or plagiarized is good. If I wrote it, then I want credit for it. On the other hand, copyright abuses both the consumer and the producer by erecting barriers that limit the free exchange of ideas, while at the same time allowing corporations to maximize profit by regulating distribution.

Cory Doctorow
, a Canadian author, has been active in the copyfight movement for some time. Recently he did a talk in Vancouver on the issues and you can listen to the podcast here.

What kind impact would this have on the European community? Is "piracy" such a large topic in Slovenia? For those of you who write or make music, how does this effect your work?

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