Christmas in Ljubljana.

I was chatting with a friend on MSN and she jokingly suggested I write a short story entitled "A Child's Christmas in Ljubljana," a series of vignettes about a man recollecting his childhood memories of spending the holidays in Slovenia. Of course, the narrative would be an utter lie but I suspect I'll make millions before the public catches on. Watch for it in your local bookstore!

But, the holiday is encroaching on us and as usual everyone we know, and ourselves included, are incredibly busy preparing for the Big Day. That doesn't just mean buying decorations and presents and other sundry items. No, like all responsible adults we are desperately finishing projects so we have little to do while we nurse our holiday hangovers. Lisa and I made it to the Lighting Ceremony awhile back and we've been taking in the local ambiance as much as possible (read: mulled wine and roasted chestnuts). First, some gratuitous cat-blogging:

As you can see, our cat adores Slovenia. We discovered he's fond of Italian cuisine.

The giant Christmas tree in Preลกernov trg.

This year's theme is Macrocosms and Microcosms, hence the massive floating DNA and galaxy.

Vendors line the sidewalks along the Ljubljanica River.

Lighting up Kongresni trg.

We had some snowfall last night and we're expecting a little more in the coming week. I think that's all I got at the moment. More later, I'm sure. All photos by Lisa!


Iva said...

hey, mulled wine alright, but roasted chestnuts are more fall-ish! :) even my dad declined the offer the other day, saying, chestnuts in december? na-a ... :P but roasted almonds, oh yeah. and i'm profoundly disappointed you didnt explicitly mention the come on people let's turn on the lights recemony, YO!

Lisa said...

Nah, they're still good! And we have to keep those guys in the little huts in business somehow. It's not exactly a diversified industry.

As for "Come on People!", it deserves its own post, don't you think?

Iva said...

oh, i wasn't even hoping for such a generous act :D

Jay said...

I forgot about the unusual translation of the Lighting Ceremony's official name: "Come on People, Let's Turn on the Lights!" They needed a copy-editor. Ha!

In Canada we eat roasted chestnuts all through December, although I think that's mostly in eastern Canada.

Iva said...

in addition, you guys eat beaver tails all year round. :P

Robin said...

"A Child's Christmas in Ljubljana" could be a franchise! You travel the world, each year on the first of December releasing a stirring, nostalgic faux-reminiscence based on the gleanings your time there. You now have your life's work cut out for you, you lucky, lucky bastard!

"Come on People, Let's Turn on the Lights!" is a brilliant, shining name for a lighting festival, regardless of its veracity as a translation.

Robin said...

...gleanings OF your time there...

Jay said...

Robin: If only I had the audacity to embark on such a project, but if I train my voice to sound like Stuart McLean I'm sure I'll get away with it.