I finally arrived. My flight was rather unremarkable except for a brief episode in the Frankfurt airport. I must have met the most enthusiastic and friendly security guard in the history of . . . well . . . airport security guards. I had to go walk through another luggage check before I boarded my flight to Ljubljana from Frankfurt. I gave the security official my backpack so he can place it the tray that is sent through the x-ray. He held it and bounced it in his hand.
"Oh! Do you have a laptop in your bag?"
"I do."
"Could you take it out please?"
I opened my backpack, revealing seven or eight paperbacks crammed together inside.
"Your bag is full of surprises! HAHAHAHAHA!"
I laughed along with him, just in case he decided a cavity search would uncover more surprises.

On the flight from Vancouver I met a musician and filmmaker who was on his way to India. We sat next to each other and I discovered we both had many interests in common: we are both vegetarian and we're into meditation. We made fun of the films (Mr. Bean's Holiday and Arthur and the Invisibles - both were lukewarm) and chatted to pass the time. I told him I was a nervous flier and during some heavy turbulence over Greenland he asked me if I was alright. Such a nice guy.

A dense fog covered the city early this morning and now the sun is cutting a swath through the murk. I found out that our landlords and I have to register with the immigration office and the student international office won't issue me a student card because I'm not an Erasmus student (Canada is not a participate in the program) but, despite all that, I was able to procure a bus pass. European bureaucracy never ceases to amaze me.

Although I'm getting a cold I was able to drag myself outside and start my day with a burek and a coffee. It's nice to be back.

(Pictures from my walk this morning)

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