Notes from the departure lounge

After some running around and last minute errands, I managed to get Jay on a plane this afternoon. We even got to the airport early (a first, I think) and had time for beer and nachos before he had to go through security. Slovenians: keep an eye out for a bleary Canadian with a blue backpack tomorrow afternoon. And take good care of him for me, wouldya? I'll see you all in November. :)


Michael said...

Lucky him!! When is your departure date?

Funny coincidence...I just passed my test for a pilot license and your post today deals with an airplane. 1 license down and like 10+ to go for me, before I can try finding an airline job in Europe. Wish I could jump ahead in time to that point!!! ;)

Lisa said...

I'll be leaving on the 18th. It really can't come soon enough (despite all the things that have to happen between now and then).

Congrats on the test! How long will it take to go through the other 10?

Michael said...

Wish I was going..I'll have to wait about 10 more months for that though. :(

Thanks. Hmm...good question. It will probably be a few years. I'm probably going to a school (whenever the next opening is) where I'll get 6 more licenses, I think that'll take about 6-8 months to complete..each one of the licenses consists of 3 tests: a written, oral, practical (flying w/ examiner). Then I'll be able to work for hire.

After that I'll have to at some point convert at least 2 of my licenses to the European system so I can work over there, since they don't accept US licenses. Not sure at what point I'll do that though...at some point in time, I'll have to get a job working for an Airline in the States. I figure the experience will give me a better chance to get hired in Europe (Slovenia hopefully). So, by next summer I should have about half of it completed...the other half may take some time.