Who's the patron saint of Italian strikes?

The universe has a spectacular sense of humour. Remember those train tickets that I lost, tore the house apart over and then found? *chokes* They are for a train that looks like it won't be running due to an Italy wide TRAIN STRIKE that starts at 9pm on Thursday and runs at least 24hours. I still have to double check with the Slovenian rail company, but it looks unlikely that we'll be taking a train to Venice. Anyone have alternate suggestions? Renting a car with some school mates is probably what will end up happening.

On the up side, the really important train from San Lucia to Paris Bercy seems to be guaranteed to run even during a strike. After spending half an hour freaking out, I managed to find a page that lists trains that are running. I don't imagine that many of you have plans to take an Italian train on Friday, but I thought I'd throw out a link to any wild-eyed tourists who are searching for a way to get around and happen to stumble on the blog.

It's funny (and I'm probably jinxing myself as I say this), but I was concerned about French rail strikes (especially if Sarkozy won the election) and didn't much think about the Italian situation. I'm just lucky that an Erasmus student send a notice to the listserv, otherwise I'd probably not found out until the strike started. The week of train ticket blogging will soon come to an end, I promise.

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jess said...

i don't really have much else to say, but i think i'll retire to the bathroom and pray to st. anthony to relay a message for you to the patron saint o' trains.