Okay, all those Sundays throughout my childhood paid off! Score one for Saint A. I searched through everything, unfolding every piece of paper I own, searching the bottom of purses, looking under the bed. Nothing! I looked up the non-discount price for one way train tickets, and to my dismay they are 25 euros per person, making my loss of the tickets a sweet 75 euro mistake. Then my friend called and I went into the bedroom to answer the phone. As I was talking to him, my eyes went to the window and what should I see on the windowsill but a Slovenske ┼żeleznice envelope. Gremo z vlakom indeed!


Michael said...

Well...Good luck you two. Hopefully you'll be able to come back to Slovenia soon.

Lisa said...

Thanks Michael! I think I can say it now (we'll put an official post up later today): we'll be back for the next school year. The university wanted us back, our landlords will hold our apartment for us and we love it here.

So, we're not closing down Spare Winters Hours quite yet! :)

jess said...

um, about saint anthony.... he works for united churchgoers too and little anglican schoolgirls. i used to pray to him all the time, which tells you how often i lost stuff. weird thing was, the only time tony came through was when i prayed in the bathroom. and when i thought of him he certainly didn't look like that - i actually just thought of him on a medal.

i was a strange child. or maybe anthony is a strange saint. (uh, here's hoping god doesn't send down any thunderbolts right now...) :)

Michael said...

That's great! I must say though I'm a little envious/jealous of you guys. :) I look forward to the day I get to live in Slovenia for at least an extended period of time. Hopefully that'll be sometime in the next 5 years. The wait sucks though. :(

Lisa said...

@ Jess: I forget that you people have saints too ;). Catholics are so up in that, and evangelicals are so against the veneration of saints as a sign of supposed paganistic worshipping of idols, I kinda forgot that other Protestants actually acknowledge the importance of saints. Then again, going to Orthodox churches in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania showed me a whole new level of saint veneration. Catholics/Anglicans/UCC have nothing on them!

And lol at your prayer location. Your bathroom must have had good acoustics ;).

@Michael: Yeah, we're pretty excited. We figured we weren't ready to say a permanent goodbye to the country...still too much to see and do. It may take a while for you to get here, but you'll have an easier time of immigrating and working here. Even temporary residence has been a bureaucratic nightmare for us. And hey, you qualify for scholarships to learn the language and study here too!

Michael said...

@Lisa: How long is the next stay going to be? Is it going to be a full year or just one more semester?

I'm sure it will be easier for me to move there..although I'm not certain how much paperwork I'd have to deal with. Luckily I have my Slovene passport now, so I would think that would alleviate me from most..maybe all paperwork?? I would think I'd be able to rent an apartment without any hassles but since I'm not too familiar with how these things work I can't be certain.

Honestly I think I could move over there right now if I really wanted to...only problem is finding work. Not sure what jobs I would qualify for with my lack of Slovene language skills. That's kind of why I'm trying to get a pilot license and go that route. In that line of work I can actually get hired even if my Slovene isn't the best. But that will take a couple years to get the experience needed.

I've heard about the scholarships to learn the language...I've even read on other blogs how it's free for people like me (children of Slovene parents who live abroad)who would like to learn the language. So not sure which is correct...of course I really haven't seen much on the U of LJ website regarding this either. So I guess I'd I'll have to contact someone at the Univ. to get more info on this.