Lost in Romania.

If I go down the street, turn right and walk for ten minutes I will reach the river. If I swim across, I will come out of the water in the Ukraine. Depending on the street I walk down, my phone switches from Romanian to Ukrainian mobile companies.

Jay and I are in the northernmost town in Romania, Sighetu Marmatei. After the noise, tension and excitement of Sofia and Bucharest, it's nice to wake up to the sound of horse carts going by outside the window or the shouts of a sturdy woman driving her oxen to market. The pace is slow and the air is clean. It would seem that the only tourists that come here just roll through in airconditioned coaches (pausing briefly to get out, run into the museum, snap photos and leave), because no matter where we go in town, people stare at us with open curiosity.

The internet is a bit wonky, so I'll keep this brief. Back on Saturday, will try to update more soon.


Iva said...

I miss you guys, come back "home" soon. :) Oh, and have a blast meanwhile. :)

Lisa said...

We miss you too! We are looking forward to coming home, for sure (no quotation marks!).