My train awaits.

On Monday I go to Italy to pick up my visa, finally. For our remaining month here we're most likely going to leave the country and make our way east. We haven't confirmed what countries we're visiting, but it looks like Romania and Bulgaria are definitely on the list.

Although we've been taking it easy the last few days - like exploring the parks and having friends over for dinner - I'm ready for more exploring. I will have to travel alone to Italy. In all the times I've been to Europe I have never done this. This is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Also, Ljubljana has been experiencing some abnormally hot weather, slotted between tumultuous lightening storms, which makes it hard for yours truly to find the inspiration to leave our flat. I'm not summer person. But, for the most part, school is finished, and with my trip approaching fast I will have to stomach the humid air and unforgiving sun. These are strange, uncertain times, me hearties.

More to come, yes there is.

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