Can North Americans please remove their heads from their asses?

Have you seen the trailer for Michael Moore's latest film, Sicko? In one scene, he informs the audience that the United States "slipped to 37th in health care around the world, just slightly ahead of Slovenia."

What the hell, Mike?

I don't understand why North Americans view Slovenia as some backwater third world country where the locals resort to cannibalism or never heard of a toilet or ride goats to work or whatever. Slovenia is a first world country. Even then, actual third world countries (or, if you prefer, low income countries) don't deserve the image bestowed to them by North Americans. These countries have issues, but they are not the frontiers of civilization - they are a civilization. I've been seriously asked if the drinking water in this country is safe. My fury is rising.

Besides this tidbit of searing hot rage, I have nothing to add to this discussion. Other Slovenian bloggers have taken up the issue with patented fervour. Let me know what you think. I'm going into the bathroom so I can scream in peace.


Lisa said...

I'm sick of your prejudice against people who ride goats to work. I do, and let me tell you, the goat smells 4% better than the bus on a hot day.

Michael said...

Hmm, I think it's because most NA's have never left their country. They automatically think everything else is a backwater hole in the ground. That and the fact that they probably have no idea where the country is located. They think since they never heard of it...it must be third world or worse.

That's ok though in my mind. :) The less people who know about it, the less likely idiot people will move here and screw it up. :)

BTW, your website appears to be loading in german now. Maybe I clicked on something incorrectly though.... ?:)

Disablez said...

Well, an American friend once came for a visit long, looong time ago to Spain, and she was surprised we had TV. She thought our houses had just sand-dirt as floor :D
But yet, half americans still think we're next to Mexico or smtg.
-And Slovenes are surprised to meet a 2m guy, they thought we're quite short, we dance flamenco all day and we talk with telenovela latin accent-

Lisa said...

Hehehe. When I went to Florida once I swear someone asked me if I lived in an igloo or had ever experienced warm weather...so even North Americans aren't immune from the foot-in-mouth disease. When the goat is in the garage I ride a polar bear to work, but I really don't know where they got the igloo nonsense from! Sheesh.

Michael: is the site still loading in German, or was that just a temporary quirk? It looks normal on this end but is anyone else seeing German here?

Jay said...

Everyone has made some excellent points. Although I'm not convinced Lisa has a proper license to be driving a goat.

Preceptions about North America from a European viewpoint are also interesting. Anyone care to elaborate?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

@Lisa: Actually it seems all "Blogger" hosted pages are loading in German. So it must be my end. Anybody know how to switch languages in Blogger? I can't seem to find any options on their page?

Michael said...

Nevermind...I found it. Some reason my language settings for Blogger flipped to German. I guess my computer has a mind of it's own.