The beginning of the end of the . . .

Time is not our ally. Already we are fast approaching our departure date. Although it is truly a tired cliche to say so, we feel as though we had only arrived yesterday, struggling to understand the public transit system, figuring out how to order coffee and navigating the bureaucracy of a European university. Soon we will be heading to Venice for a train to Paris, then after five days in the City of Lights we will be on a plane home.

The story, however, is far from over. We have good news, but you will have to wait for the big reveal. That will be coming soon.

Consider this my last post until I reach Canada. From there I'll posting on topics relevant to Slovenia or any memories that bubble to the surface. Lisa will be doing the same, I reckon.


A big hvala to our friends, who have helped us with the usual struggles foreigners experience and giving us history lessons, booze and sushi. You all made our time here wonderful and memorable.

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