The return.

There's talk of us returning for another semester. It's really quite easy: we pay for another five months of storage fees, ship our cat over here and I have to somehow manage being a homeless student for three months or so.

We really want to come back. One semester is not enough.

Also, I want to play football.


Iva said...

Oh my god guys you DEFINITELY need to come back!! I LOVE having you here, all of a sudden Ljubljana gets a totally different charm!

pengovsky said...

I second that!

Jay said...

Thanks guys! We will do everything we can.

julia said...

ok.. i find it hard to speak on behalf of those in canada - since i ain't there... but i, yeah. i can speak on behalf of my multiple personalities.

positive expat julia says 'yah! you like! rock on!'

selfish julia says 'but you'd better damn well be back in vancouver around christmas time cause i'll be super sad if i miss you guys'

julia of the jess-lisa-julia trio says 'maybe we can all meet up for holidays in august... what's equidistant from ljub, van and dhaka?'

big hugs and good luck xoxo

Lisa said...

Thanks! Equidistant from all of us? Hmm, I think it'd take some math to figure that out. Between us it would be something like Georgia, I would think. I've been meaning to go to Tsibilisi anyways. ;)

julia said...

but seriously, i have to do a visa run in late august anyway... lets have holidays!

i'm just not sure about georgia. thailand? (ok i'm cheating that's closer to me)

oh, oh i've wanted to get back to sudan... that might work