Late night audio.

I just heard a sound on the street that I realized I haven't heard in five months: a car alarm going off. It forms such a constant background in Vancouver that it becomes a sort of white noise. I'm out of the habit of noticing it (or the sound of car windows smashing in the middle of the night, let's just say that my old neighbourhood was slightly high in nightime car stereo jackings), so it startled me.

The second of the week's wild rainstorms is over. It seems that if students organize an outdoor concert, the cue is given for all kinds of lightning, thunder and torrential rain. Not sure if tonight's event is at Roznik or somewhere else (I can't tell if it's the doppler effect or if the sound is actually closer than Tuesday's concert on the hill). In any case, both the rain and the music have now stopped. The car alarm has also been silenced, a mere 6 seconds after starting up its wail...another difference from Vancouver, where car owners snuggle deeper under their blankets rather than run outside to shut the alarms off.

I was wrong about the music. It's started again. If there's one thing I've learned here, it's that Slovenians know how to bring the party.

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Iva said...

Hm, I thought car alarms go off here quite often ... but then again, I never lived in Eastside :)