I swear, the public transit in this town is trying to make me into a eunuch.

It's true! There's these paddles near the driver that swing open to let riders on, and they keep smacking me in the jibblies!

I forgot to mention in the last post that last Wednesday we went out to see The Battle of Algiers, an Italian film about, um, the battle of Algiers. The film inspired anti-colonial and civil rights activists for years, and is still referenced today. The film was a free showing at Social Center Tovarna Rog, nestled in an abandoned military compound. To enter, we had to pry open these giant sliding steel doors and follow some locals going into a crowded room where everyone was smoking and drinking, immersed in their own conversations. Anti-racist and anti-capitalist posters adorned the walls, and I felt comfortable being in somewhat familiar surroundings. The film was great, but problematic. More on that later, yes?

We checked out Bachus Center on the weekend; a noisy, busy club with three floors. The bottom floor, with tables under brick arches supporting the old building over our heads, had quite a small crowd at first but ended up completely filled. Although I'm not a big house music fan, especially when it's mixed with Top 40, the atmosphere was genuinely lively and friendly. We ordered Smile, a light beer made by Union and tastes like Corona, served with a lemon slice. It was cheap, so we ordered plenty, but the sickly sweet drink didn't agree with me later. We danced, made fun of other clubbers and drank - we ended up coming home at around three in the morning.

On Wednesday we have to attend an orientation for international students. Apparently, to register for classes, you just show up on the first day, decide if you like the class then mark yourself down for it. Thursday is Prešeren Day (a national holiday celebrating a poet? This country is awesome!) so there is no school until next Monday. So, we were thinking of joining some Czech students driving down to Bosnia and possibly the coast this weekend.

I have to cut this short. We need to run some errands. Ciao!

Addendum: The church on the hill is called Rožnik, in Veliki Rakovnik.


Jenn said...

Hey y'all! I *so* didn't know you had this blog. I thought you guys had just, like, vanished!


Jay said...

I'm glad you found us.

Disablez said...

Thnaks God, I thought I was the only one suffering those paddles in silence...

Jay said...

Disablez, no one must suffer alone.