Bosna i Herzegovina, Crna Gora, Hrvatska.

It looks as though our travel plans are arranged: tomorrow, 4am, we meet 3 Czech students and set off in their car for Sarajevo. Yes, that's 4am. It's not going to be pretty, so I'm hooking Jay up to an overnight coffee IV.

Two days will be spent in Sarajevo, then on to Mostar for an overnight. We'll drive to Dubrovnik next, down to Kotor in Montenegro*, not KoToR, which is disapointing for Jay. Then back via Split and Trogir, onwards through Sunday night until we reach Ljubljana. Classes start at noon on Monday, so we should be sufficiently exhausted for our first 4 hour class session on the Protection of Minorities in the Republic of Slovenia & the EU. We won't have our computers with us, obviously, so any updates will be quite brief.

Today we had our course and library orientation at the FDV (Fakulteta za dru┼żbene vede, or faculty of social sciences). Most classes officially start next week, and actually, contrary to what I'd been told about expecting most classes to start late in the month, it looks like all the ones we want to take are ready to begin on time.

Wish us "sretan put" (or, a pleasant journey, as they say in Croatia).

Love, L & J

*Yes, Montenegro, the setting for Casino Royale, even though the film was actually shot in Italy and Czech Republic.

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jess said...

have fun!!!