We are not in Slovenia.

That's right. I know, it may seem unceremonious to just get up and leave and not write my grand, final post to commemorate our time in Slovenia. Yet, how can we? How can someone just write a few meager words that could capture our experience living in such a country?

Really, I can't. I would cheapen the experience by rambling on and on about Slovenia being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, populated by a warm and gracious people. I admit I was homesick near the end of my stay, though now I'm comfortably nestled back in Canada I find myself missing the old brick buildings and distant mountains - Vancouver has mountains but the architecture is sadly mediocre - as I walk around my neighbourhood.

So, a great big thank you to our Slovenian friends for guiding us through their culture and making our time there memorable and enriching. We'll be back!

I (Lisa) would just like to add that we'll be posting a few more things here once we're settled in to our new place in Vancouver. We have pictures and trip reports we'd like to post, and I've been asked for updates on what we're doing now. Soon!


dr. filomena said...


Lisa said...

Aw, you're sweet to say so. We miss you guys too!!!! I get majorly homesick for Ljubljana some days, so I'm making borovnicke right now and planning my next trip. :)

dr. filomena said...

Borovničke sound like a great idea :) you'll now have another couch to stay at in the country that shall not be named... am leaving on Monday :(

Camille Acey said...

Hey Lisa,

Where are those new posts you promised? Hmmm?

Lisa Hale - Freelance Journalist said...
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Lisa said...

Catastrophic harddrive failure and then bicycle accident: one wiped out the existing posts on my desktop, the other wiped out desire to try writing anything out again. But! Soon I'll be back overseas and hopefully I'll be able to put a few updates on here. We're like Han frozen in carbonite. Not currently functional, but potentially reviveable!