Liberation Day.

On Friday, Ljubljana locals commemorated the liberation of their city during the Second World War by partisan fighters. Every year people walk the 35 kilometer trail that circumvents the city, exactly where a massive fence was erected to contain the populace.

I did the walk last year (I'll find the post about it later) but I can't this year, unfortunately. Dr. Filomena is liveblogging the event even as I write this post. You can follow along here. Pengovsky's post on the subject is here.


Rombsy said...

Nothing on the Serbian elections, or are you waiting to see who forms the government ?

Jay said...

From what I've heard, the reformers won the general election. I'm waiting to see what happens, and I especially want to hear their stance on Kosovo.

Lisa said...

As far as I know, Tadić's stance on Kosovo is as every other politician's stance on Kosovo...how can it be otherwise? Everyone knows it's gone and it's not coming back, but no one can say so publicly.

"Kosovo je Srbije" is the status quo, though Tadić tends to pull back from over-the-top displays, whereas others, like Nikolic, will get out in front of the angry thousands and fan the flames.

Tadić is a cake and eat it too politician. EU integration AND Kosovo i Metohija back to Serbian control.