You know it's Spring in Ljubljana...

...when thunderstorms and hail roll in around 1pm.

We're back in our snug apartment after two weeks on the road. The train from Venice seemed to take ages to get here and the policist shining his light in my eyes during a "random" 1am document check (no more borders in Schengen my eye!) didn't speed things along much, but we made it at about 2am this morning. The church on Roznik glowing like an orange beacon in the dark from the window of the sleeping train was a welcome sight.

It's a long trip from Rome (we left at 14:50), but one can hardly complain about traveling through the Italian countryside on a fast train! The Eurostar stopped in Firenze and Bologna but those beautiful cities will have to be explored another time, as we were ready for a bit of time at home.

The train to Ljubljana didn't leave until 21:30, so we had time for a couple of "sprizze" in our favourite little hole in the wall in Venice. It's only a short walk from Santa Lucia, but as there are no "sights" on that particular street, it's only frequented by locals. "Due sprizze, per favore" earns a smile from the waiter, and we are always sure of a comfortable seat beside the canal, sipping the amber or ruby drinks that are a Venetian specialty. After a walk up the nearby tourist thoroughfare, where sour-faced waiters in white jackets tout expensive menus in six languages and sunburned couples eat 20 euro salads and bicker in German and English, it's refreshing to sip the mixture of Campari (ruby and bitter) or Aperol (amber and slightly sweet), Proseco and soda, and listen to the sound of waves and the conversations of Venetians as they end their work day or begin a night on the town.

Today's rain is a bit of a relief, as everything from the Macedonia/Albania border onwards was sunny and hot (poor us!). It also gives us a reason to spend the day at home, resting and preparing pasta with sundried tomatoes from the market at the Campo dei Fiori. Contentment!


julia said...

dude! we totally had a rainstorm too! at 3pm, which made me think it was 6pm because it got soooo dark.

and isn't campari like th emost wonderful drink in the world. we keep bringing in a bottle every time we can, and then savoring it as long as we can (ie. less than a month).

sigh. i would soooo love a bcls nearby.

ciao bella ~ must sleep now so i can be ready for uncle ho tomorrow. sorry i missed your gmail depart.. i was totally trying to get 18 things finished. only got 15, so i'm in the office before we go to the airport tomorrow.

hug jay for me,

Camille Acey said...

very good to meet you guys the other night. thanks for listening to ramble on and on! :)
i realized i should send you the link for one pot so here it is: http://www.onepot.org/

i will definitely drop you guys a line soon for coffee!

Lisa said...

@ Julia: so fun to read about your Vietnamese adventures. Campari: yes. But I even like the Aperol ones better. I will have to find this mysterious substance when we get back and make a pilgrimage to the central BCLS.

@Camille: Great to meet you too! Coffee anytime. I just got a commission, so I will be in and out of town, but send a text when you are in Lj and we'll meet up. And bring the illustrious Miss Iva, if we can get her away from work ;)