News from Serbia

Boris Tadić just won the presidential election, over Radikalna Stranka (nationalist) party leader Tomislav Nikolić. Tadić is known for a pro-EU stance. Can he negotiate his country toward a compromise on the issue of Kosovar independence? It promises to be an interesting few weeks in this corner of the world, hopefully, everything will stay peaceful. A date for independence has been set, so it could be any time in the coming days.

ETA: Then again, PM Kostunica doesn't back Tadić's pro-European stance, and since they are in coalition together, there apparently could be a new election the minute Kosovo declares. Support for Nikolić is at 47% according to votes cast, so it's not like Tadić enjoys an overwhelming majority of support.


dr. filomena said...

Tadić and Nikolić are not as different in their POV as is portrayed, especially when it comes to Kosovo. I will go out on limb to suggest that possibly, Nikolić would have been (will be?) able to negotiate better when the initial after-independence-decaration limited outbursts of violence subsides. Then again, I could be wrong.

Lisa said...

Hmm. I agree, their stated positions on Kosovo are similar. I don't think it is possible to be that high up in the political structure and not have a "kosovo je naš" attitude, too likely you'd end up like Đinđić. The ultra-nationalists in Radikalna stranka have shown an overwhelming eagerness to run Serbia into the ground out of spite and fear of any alternative. I don't think they'll prove to be good negotiators...easier to point the gun at their own feet and fire then talk it out to the benefit of the people.