My neighbours are teh cute

They periodically have parties where their friends come over and sing along to pop hits together. They are doing an adorably off-key rendition of Soft Cell's Tainted Love right now.


Iva said...

and then YOU're concerned whenever I am around??? hell, next time i fall off your chairs you better not shush me! :D

Lisa said...

Let it be known that I have never shushed ANYONE falling out of a chair, let alone the fabulous Miss Iva.

But I'll still be concerned ;)

Iva said...

ok, you, jay, whoever from that blasted apartment :D and concerned about what - the chair, me or your neighborhood reputation? :D

Lisa said...

Jay is an unrepentant shusher. As for your question, probably all of the above. I imagine that the neighbourhood rep is shot, since all my neighbours have seen me walk my cat on a leash by now. One walked by and said "debel" to her friend. Rude! Salvador isn't fat, he's just big boned.

jess said...


obviously the neighbours are not aware of sal's demanding exercise routine. they should be so lucky to be as fit as sally.

and i have to say that is so true that jay is an unrepentant shusher, while normally being one of the loudest and funniest in the room.

awesome. this makes me miss you even more.