The joy of living in a small country, reason #108

You have conversations like this, with everyone you know:

"Hey, kako si?"
"Meh, I'm kinda sick."
"Yeah? Me too!"
"I've got a low-grade fever and the right side of my throat is sore as hell."
"I'm exactly the same! Only the right side of my throat hurts and I have just enough fever to feel crappy."
"Joj, sucks to be us."

Multiply that conversation by 2 million residents, who are all sick, at the exact same time and with the exact same weirdo symptoms. Did we all go out with wet hair or something? photo source


dr. filomena said...

Sh**, I think I just came down with this as well... Seriously!

Lisa said...

Everyone I spoke to today has had some variation of it. It didn't matter if they were tujci or Slovenci. Every.single.person.

Somebody arrange a mass Slivovica airdrop.

Lisa said...

Oh, and feel better soon, of course! :)

dr. filomena said...

:-) I was fine after a twenty-minute FelineTherapy(R)
An all-natural thing...