Just checking in.

- Apparently, Union does not transform my face into a bloated swollen mess. Yay!
- After months of trudging back and forth to the passport office, I finally received my student visa. Another yay!
- That means I can travel outside the country.
- Of course, I get my visa around the same time I have four essays due, which means no traveling for me for awhile. I HATE YOU IRONY
- My essay for Information Cultures and Subcultures class is coming along nicely. I'm drawing a lot from cultural and social theory and it's really fun.
- I have no exams this semester. One class is two semesters long so the final is in April, one class does not have an exam scheduled and I'm exempt from another because I'm an outstanding (and handsome) student.
- The cat is doing well. I think he's lost more weight, though. Which reminds me, we have to find a good vet for him. Any suggestions, Slovenian pet owners?
- I'll be submitting a short story for publication and the deadline is Febuary 15th. Should I submit an old unpublished story or try to finish the one I have on the go?
- We saw the source of the Ljubljanica with the venerable Pengovsky. Good times were had! We went to Vrhnika where water seeps out of the ground and rocks and collects into a frothing river.
- I've been going to Metelkova now and then.

That was longer than I anticipated. Okay, off to bed.


pengovsky said...

There's a public vet clinic in Vič/Murgle area. Then there's a private one virtually across the street from your place.

Jay said...

Excellent! Thanks!