Allergic to . . . Laško? Oh no!

The other night we went for drinks with friends, and ended up in a bar to keep out of the cold. I ordered a Laško and sat back in my chair to enjoy my drink. Minutes later, my face became red and swollen, which was immediately noticed by everyone. I had to reassure them I wasn't going to fall unconscious or anything.

Great, I thought, my bloody English-Scottish genes are really kicking in. I'm a red-faced drunk. Wonderful.

Anyway, we later walked home and my face returned to normal. I also drank Union that night, and I racked my brain trying to figure out if it was Union or Laško that caused my reaction. When I got home I cracked open another Laško to experiment. I got halfway through the can and my face became puffy and red once again.

This is kind of unsettling. Am I allergic to Laško, or Union, or both? Or maybe I'm developing an allergy to beer? Or alcohol? That could pretty much end my life right there. I mean, I'm still cutting out cigarettes, but now I can't drink? Can't a man have any vices?

Of course, it could have been an off night for me, and by New Year's Eve I'll be back in shape.


Robin said...

do these symptoms mimic what you experienced years ago which led to your "milkweed days?"

Jay said...

That's a good question. I'll have to think about that. But those beers are technically lagers, which I don't normally drink, so maybe that is the problem.

Or, I'm just drinking too much.

Camille Remarkable said...

Eek! I hope its the Lasko!

Iva said...

yeah! who's gonna make witty remarks and overoptimistic announcements if you cut the habbit?!?! OH NO JAY!

Andrew said...

don't worry Jay! Even without the smoking and the boozing, you still have many vices!