Wine makes everything better.

In light of my recent visa troubles, what better way to remedy this grievous situation then by sampling some local wine and listening to accordion music? This Friday and Saturday, Wine Celebration Day will be held at Cesta dveh cesarjev 170 in Vič! Here is the schedule:

  • 18.00 - exhibition of tuned cars
  • 19.00 - acordion players meeting
  • 20.00 - concert (Roxie and Platana)
  • 19.00 - concert (Kalamari and Slavko Ivančić, Roxie)
I might be attending if I can get enough schoolwork done. If anyone is interested and would like to join me (or to meet me there) just let me know! I'm in the mood to be immersed in Slovenian culture again, since I've just been clubbing lately. Besides, I'm curious to see what the 2007 wine season has to offer.


Iva said...

awesome! i'm down for the thing on saturday evening, but unfortunately only when i'm done with work - which can be between 7 and 8pm. then i can come by your house and we can check the vič hood. plus this year's season allegedly has a lot to offer! :P

Jay said...

That sounds good. I don't think I'll be able to make it tonight. Tomorrow night would be perfect.