More questions from a foreigner.

I'm looking to send some documents quickly to Ottawa. If these documents get lost, I'm completely screwed. As much as I love the Slovenian Posta, I have a somewhat shaky confidence in it. So far one letter has gone missing in transit and one got ripped open before delivery.

I'm looking into courrier companies, but they mostly seem to be located in Celje and Maribor. Does anyone know of any places in Ljubljana that could send documents safely, quickly, but without too great an expense? I just looked at the price of express posting an envelope from Canada and it was $90, which made my heart stop beating.

Alternatively, is there a class of mail I can get from the Posta that would be insured, guaranteed and quick? So far, asking for "Priority" has meant ten days to a month, and possibly the vanishing of the envelope into the ether.

Updated to add: Well, it looks like this year, my Christmas present to myself will be...drum roll please...sending six sheets of paper over the Atlantic for 42 euros via DHL (TNT only does business post, apparently).

Mind you, I should count my blessings. Last week, after a dismal visit to a certain government office, I was contemplating possibly having to hand courrier the documents to Canada myself, which would have cost a bit more than that. So, bright side and all that. Thanks for the advice!


Camille Remarkable said...

Maybe try TNT? there's one there in the BTC.

TNT Express Worldwide, d.o.o.
Šmartinska cesta 152, Hala VIII
Tel: + 386 1 5878 300
Fax: + 386 1 5878 390

Disablez said...

Packages ripped and lost... bienvenue au club :)

For what I tried to do in previous chapters, in Posta Slovenije they just certify you sent something, but not certify what you sent, and whenever they lost a package sent or coming from abroad they wash their hands and not pay it, even if I insured it. So it's a hope and pray situation.

DHL and Fedex are the only ones I'd dare to use... I sent my univ papers back and forth some times around the world and they didn't fail me, and handed them over in a pair of days.

Don't know if there's Fedex around here, though, and I wouldn't expect less than a week for a reasonable price to Canada... though miracles happen.

Just... stay away from UPS like from the devil.

Iva said...

darn, lisa, why didn't you mention that before, my dad just had business partners from montreal over, and they're on very friendly terms with all of us. oh well, no point in crying over spilled milk. anyway, yes there are options at our post offices, something more grand than just "priority". i can't remember how it's called right now, but i can go to the post office with you and do it. i think i used it when i sent my passpover over to vienna, to canadian embassy. alternatively, you can definitely use DHL for shipping - i did when i had to send my documents for UBC, and they were there the next day, no fuss.

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone. I'm checking prices and locations right now.

Iva: doh! I wasn't sure about whether I would be sending documents or not until last night...but that's a shame. Oh well. What branch of DHL did you use? There seems to be an office @ Brnik. Did it cost a fortune?

My quote from TNT right now is 47 euros, which seems high for five pieces of paper.

Maybe I'll get out of the Spar business and open a courrier company

Lisa said...

@Disablez: I was specifically thinking of you hosting-in-absentia a wine tasting party for postal workers when I composed this post.

Iva said...

doh indeed! well, i remember i also paid quite a lot of bling bling for some three papers or something. i think they have it like this: up to a certain weight (say, 2 kgs) it's all the same price. so i believe i paid about ... 40 euros ofr 5 sheets of paper. love it. but it was there the next day. :P