Vancouver Night

Last night was strange. We got to Metelkova at around ten, and we wandered around nursing our beer. In one bar we checked out, they were blaring Nomeansno (a punk band from Vancouver) from the speakers. We finally found the venue where the City of Women show was being held, and lo and behold the act coming on the stage was none other than StinkMitt, who are from Vancouver!

Saturday night is offically Vancouver Night in Ljubjlana. Mark your calenders.

I did buy their latest CD and chatted with them a bit - charming ladies, they are.


jess said...

maybe you should rename ljubjlana ljubljvana on sat nights?

happy to hear you're having so much fun
love jess xox

Jay said...

It is official. In Vancouver, Saturday nights are now called Ljubljvana. Jess has spoken, and the masses have heard.