The first day of school, and other tales.

Well, the first day of school was interesting. I was told by the international office that I didn't need to attend the orientation session on Monday, since I already have one semester firmly tucked under my belt. I was to expect a schedule of the courses in the post by the end of next week. Of course, no such schedule appeared in my mailbox. So, on the first day of school, I dashed to the international office, asked what was going on with my classes, and I was directed back to the orientation session. Which was almost over by the time I got to school.

Luckily, I caught the tail-end of it and got my schedule. I'm good now. Two of my classes conflict with one another, but that's just a matter of making an arrangement with the profs.

On Sunday I climbed abroad one of the boats that take tourists up and down the Ljubjlanica River. I actually enjoyed the trip - you get to view the old part of town from a different perspective. However, the boat was a little grimy. I could overlook that, though, because passing under the bridges at night as bats flutter overhead is genuinely cool.

On Saturday night, Iva and I checked out a couple of DJs from Bosnia playing at Metelkova. Imagine traditional Bosnian folk music mixed with minimalist beats, and you get the idea. They played an excellent set and the dance floor slowly became crowded as the evening wore on. I really do enjoy spending time at Metelkova. Although some folks find it strange or they feel they are not "cool enough" to hang out there, I find the atmosphere to be quite friendly and open, and the crowd is always an eclectic mix. Besides, the beer is cheap.

My first classes are tomorrow morning. I'm meeting some former classmates to celebrate a birthday (not mine) this afternoon. Wish me luck.

As some of you might know, I'm deleting my Facebook account. I want to divert my energies into something more productive, like this blog. If I friended you there, send me your contact info so we can keep in touch.


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