I went to the graduate seminar yesterday. As I was waiting for the prof to arrive, I noticed everyone was speaking Slovene. That was my first clue. My second clue was the class readings some people had in front of them: it did not have the title Theoretical Sociology on the cover. My third, and final, clue came through the door. Instead of the male professor who was supposed to teach the class, a female professor entered the classroom.

I left shortly after that.

So, um, what the hell is going on here FDV? In less than two weeks I've been shortchanged three times. I'm a pretty tolerant guy, almost to the point of passivity, but I'm reaching the threshold of my patience. My home university, which has a larger student population, has not made a clerical error in the two years I've been there. That's two years!

I have to go in today (I really don't want to - I'd much rather stay at home and read) and I'm going to have to mention the mixed-up seminar. I still haven't completely figured out my conflicting course schedule either.


Iva said...

At the FDV website, there is a section where they publish all the announcements such as change of classroom, cancelling of a class … I checked if they have it also in English and, surprise!, they don't. So this obviously sucks. Then, there is another option: the bulleting board of FDV at www.fdvjevka.si which has a topic for foreign students, but it's not exactly flourishing. Anyway, to put it mildly, you're screwed. Yes our faculty does suck in that department and the only thing I can add to diminish your pain: imagine how stressful this is for us who are damned to be here 5 years or more. Whenever there's something gone awry, you can give me a call and we'll figure it out what went wrong. That's my best bet.

Jay said...

I figured there should be be some sort of bulletin board for students, but for some reason I didn't think of that. Thanks for your help! I may have to employ your services.

Disablez said...

Feel for you. It's even worse when you have to be in two mandatory seminars at the same time in different places... and justify you attended both... which at least happens in Filosofy Faculty.

5 years from 7am till 7pm (with luck) and you surely become mentally destroyed... :S

Jay said...

7 am to 7 pm? Ouch! My heart sincerely goes out to you! That could destroy even the hardiest of constitutions.