Autumn in Ljubljana: A Short Photo Essay.

On the way to Tivoli Park.

Having a post-walk coffee. Note the specks of mud on my boots.

After finishing my school projects I decided to award myself with a lengthy stroll in Tivoli Park. The colours were outstanding, and when I walked under the trees with their swaying orange leaves, the sunlight pouring through the canopy shone with a warm golden radiance. This, my dear friends, is the reason why we were put on this Earth: to enjoy its beauty.

Tonight I'm visiting a cemetery for Day of the Dead (not the movie) then off to the clubs for some dancing. Halloween is not really celebrated in Slovenia, although it's slowly getting recognized by the younger folks. People here do celebrate Day of the Dead (as I just mentioned) which involves having a huge meal with the family then heading out to a cemetery to light candles and leave flowers for the departed, much like how it's celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Happy Halloween!

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