A quick rundown.

This incorrigible cold is still clinging to me.

Today I checked out a couple of venues for the 27th Biennial of Graphic Arts and I cruised through the City Museum of Ljubljana.

Although all of the works displayed in the Biennial were superb, the one that stood out for me was a short film and prints from Rafael Trelles entitled In concrete: Urban Graphics at the Island of Vieques. Trelles is a Puerto Rican artist who uses a pressure washer to etch anti-war images into the grime and soot that blankets the urban landscape.

At the City Museum (which I recommend) I learned an interesting historical tidbit. Did you know that the first Slovene commune was established in 1970? The commune was opened in Cedilnik house in Tacen. After two years it dissolved and the members settled in Brod.

There's more to come.

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