The gift.

So today we received a gift! I told one of my classmates that Lisa was very fond of borovničke, a traditional blueberry schnapps. He invited us to meet him for lunch at school (there's a decent-sized cafeteria and two cafes / bars in our faculty) this afternoon and he gave us a homemade bottle of it, courtesy of his grandmother! Here are some pictures to commemorate the latest addition to our liquor cabinet:
The drink has a pleasant kick with a strong fruity finish. Each blueberry is soaked in alcohol, so each one bursts open with a hearty and boozy punch when they're chewed. The perfect summer drink.

And by liquor cabinet, I mean the shelf above the kitchen counter.


Iva said...

So when's the party? :D

Jay said...

Whenever you're ready!

Iva said...

I think today is not such a bad option. Just to continue morning's habit! Or spare it for the Star Wars movie marathon night ... You know, the night we're gonna make you cook dinner :D

Disablez said...

SW marathon night?
-Must... resist... think of Jar Jar, think of Jar Jar!-