Comrade Tito

As Pengovsky notes, today is the anniversary of Josip Broz Tito's death. I'll try to put up a longer post with some pics of our trip to the Partisan Hospital near Cerkno (this being a history-themed week for us), but for now, a view of the Кућа цвећа (Kuća cveća, or House of Flowers), which is Tito's final resting place. We visited it on our recent trip to Belgrade.


Michael said...

From Pengovsky's post yesterday and your post today I see you two visited the part of Slovenia I consider my home away from home. What did you two think of Cerkno and the surrounding area?

What towns did you travel to get to Bolnica Franja? I'm guessing you guys went through Skofja Loka, since I'm thinking that's the fastest path.

Lisa said...

Yeah, we went on a loop from Skofja Loka to Cerkno and back to Skofja (without backtracking). The drive was spectacular! Coming in to that valley that Cerkno sits in, wow.

It was a grey day mostly, so the light for pictures wasn't fantastic. I'll go through and see if any turned out and post them this weekend. We only passed through Cerkno, since we decided to have lunch in Skofja, but I'd love to go back sometime and walk around. And go hiking!

To get extra stoked on our theme, Pengovsky played us some more Partisan music while we drove. Very atmospheric for our outing. :)

Michael said...

Hmm, without backtracking. I assume it was all over paved roads. So your return was over the mountain (Črni Vrh) to the little town of Davča through Železniki and finally back to Skofja Loka, or was it some other way? And I guess your route there was probably the other way through Gorenja Vas, Hotavlje, and then turning off toward Cerkno at the fork instead of toward Žiri. I usually take a shortcut (maybe peng knows of it?) though at Hotavlje, and go over the mountains (That saves about 20-25 minutes of driving); it's a gravel road for the most part and not very wide. Hehe so it sucks if you have someone coming the other direction. :)

That little loop is where the majority of my 80+ relatives live. I have a few in LJ and Kranj as well, but mostly they all stayed in this general vicinity.

Cerkno, is quite small, so it won't take long to explore it all, I'd say though Skofja Loka is probably my favorite city in Slovenia, so you can't go wrong there. :)