Just a little something something.

Next week is going to be a busy one, and if my plans come to fruition I will complete all my school obligations in one fell swoop. Do you hearing that swooping sound? That's the sound of victory.

I have to make two presentations. One for my Sociology of Everyday Life class entitled Managing the Secret: The Role of HIV / AIDS in Everyday Social Interaction (I have to present it to a first-year class), and I have to present my paper for Theory of Ideology on the politics of interpretation. I have to write on feature article on Rog for my journalism class, and perhaps present an article from Harper's if I ask nicely enough. I think I'm supposed to do it the following week, but it would be lovely if I can present next week instead.

Tonight we are meeting some friends to watch a Canadian comedy show(!) then head out to the Sark and perhaps . . . Metelkova? Who knows.

Anything new with you?

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