Geography skillz

I don't think I would get a very high score on Michael's quiz that asks for as many Slovenian obcin (municipalities) in ten minutes. I'll try it in a few minutes when I've forgotten the answers I gleaned from the comments page. I'm not optimistic for my score.

I did, however, enjoy some success trying my hand at this (also found courtesy Carniola). Try it and see how many UN member states (out of 192) you can name in ten minutes. I got to 102 and then couldn't think of a single other country for the last minute. Try it (or if you're feeling up on your local Slovenian geography, try both) and post your score in the comments.


jess said...

i got 104. ha ha!

jess said...

me again -
this quiz is tormenting me. every time i hear of a country that i missed i have this internal "d'oh!" reaction. i heard angola and ecuador on the radio and had a little cringe this morning. i'll work on the un one and then move onto the slovenian one - yah right!
love j. xo

Lisa said...

Hey, Angola was one of my problems too. I sat there for a half minute picturing it in my head, telling myself factoids about it, starts with "A"...gah! Nothing. I cleaned up on Central Asia though. Sweet.

Jay said...

I did . . . poorly.