Ain't nobody's business if I do . . .

It's Friday night.

I'm sitting at my desk, my laptop warm under my palms. Billie Holiday is in my ears and I'm drinking white wine.

And smoking.

Around me Ljubljana glows and hums. A small city, but it pulsates with a hidden energy. There are a thousand, hundreds of thousands, of smiling faces and broken hearts and new loves under the stars tonight. The Ljubljanica gently glides along, passing the bridges and the caf├ęs, disappearing into the night.

So here I am, wondering what the rest of the world is doing. Tell me what you're up to tonight, and the rest of the weekend. You've commented here before? Do it again. A friend living an ocean away? Let's read what you have to say.

Good night, all.


Lisa said...

I'm watching Spaced, drinking tea and trying to muster the energy to go to the trznica before all the produce is gone.

Then again, you probably already know that.

Jay said...

I know nothing.