This is how I roll . . . on the ground.

We signed up for language classes that run two times a week for something like eight weeks. Tonight is our first class. I'm not very good a language classes - as soon as I could stop taking French in high school I gracefully walked away. My university language class was much, much better, so I'm hoping this experience will be just as pleasant.

More on our language class experiences in the future!

I picked up Lisa's cold, though. She shared a bottle of homemade liquor at the last day of carnival last Tuesday, held at the dorms near our neighbourhood. The crowd was huge, mostly under a massive tent with kiosks selling cheap plonk and bands playing on stage. To be honest, the music wasn't to my liking, mostly pop tunes and cover songs of other pop music classics, but the vibe was genuinely electric. We spent the last half of our time there hanging out in the parking lot with another Canadian we met, and several groups of drunken young men came by and introduced themselves to us. We had a ton of fun, and I reached the right level of intoxication: not too ashamed to urinate in public, but also not too drunk to vomit in public.

One embarrassing moment: as we approached the tent, I was looking elsewhere and tripped on this elevated cement block, scraping my shin as I fell on my hands. There was a hushed silence, and as I stood up I tried to act nonchalantly but my poor Slovene made doing so impossible. Everyone blankly stared at me as I slinked off.

Lisa's family arrived last night and will probably do some touring today. I think they're here for a week, and I've heard plans to travel to Dubrovnik. Hopefully I can make the time to go. I often take school too seriously.

Take care, and watch where you walk.

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