Wifi, kinda.

I managed to snag a signal, if I angle my computer just so and perch near the window in the bedroom. It's weak and inconsistent, but I've been able to chat, email and do everything else that needs doing, mainly student loan stuff (don't ask, it's too enervating).

After all that snow and below zero weather, it was a surprise to walk out yesterday into mild, +4 weather. Almost all the snow is gone, and it's been sunny and gorgeous since Saturday. We've just been kicking it in Vič and nearby Trnovo for the last few days, reading, walking, drinking in our local cafe, plotting trips to Italy, Romania and Bosnia (and back to England for the match of the premiership, Chelsea v. ManU on the 14th of April, if at all possible). We've also been working through our Teach Yourself Slovene lessons.

Our landlords stopped by on Saturday with a mop, curtains and a contract for internet service. Apparently in 10 working days we will have reliable access through Siol (ADSL). We also found out that our rent includes heat, electricity and water, so all we have to pay in addition to our rent of 400 euros is the 22 euros for net (half that for the first two months) and 16 for phone. Add that to the fact that our dollar is relatively strong against the euro, and it works out to quite a reasonable cost of living, which makes a refreshing change from Vancouver.


julia said...

sounds like a very nice set up - did i mention that the pic of your new apartment totally makes me think of your old one? specifically the office shot. it was cute.

and in terms of planning, want to come to amsterdam in mid-march??

Jay said...

Amsterdam? That's a possibility. I don't know about Lisa, but I will be probably be busy with school. The schedule needs a looking-at.