Shopping zones in Ljubljana.

Sorry forgot to post this. I'll be quick.

Yesterday we went down to BTC, a massive mall-city on the outskirts of the city. We were looking for some kitchen items, like plates and a cooking pot, and also to check out the deals on new clothes. This place is remarkable, a culture studies dream come true. There is no one central shopping area, but rather a network of buildings connected by streets and sidewalks, like a small downtown! Some buildings go underground, others go above ground. Each building is separated into "zones," for the lack of a better word, called "A1" or "A2." I will definitely return to take pictures. You can really spend a whole day there.

And, yeah, we did find what we were looking for, plus a pair of shoes and a jacket for me.

And check out this out: someone recorded the changes in their neighbourhood in Ljubljana for a number of years while dog-walking. Click here.

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