An empty house and two full hearts.

As I'm writing this my right arm aches from the vaccination I received this morning. I was really surprised by how efficient the staff at the travel clinic were: we were in and out of there in ten minutes. Although I'm not exactly thrilled to be punctured so early in the morning, Lisa convinced me to get vaccinated in case we run into trouble.

Well, the house is packed up and put into storage, our accounts at Telus and our internet provider are cleared away, and now we're just running around getting the last few details sorted, like sending out our forwarding address and returning borrowed books. We also want to see as many friends and family as possible before we're gone.

When you're leaving for such a long time, doesn't it seem like it takes forever to tidy up all the loose ends? Whenever we think we're finished and ready to go, a dozen more chores pop up, begging to get finished. Funny how a life accumulates debris and treasures the longer you live somewhere, but you never know what that means until you try to corral it all into boxes.

We better get used to living out of backpacks again. I feel like I'm eighteen again.

Photo by Lisa

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