Chelsea vs. Wigan Athletic, part two.

In a word: amazing. If you watched the game, we were in the first row right behind the goal in Shed End, so when Lampard scored on Kirkland, you might have seen us in the replays. We're pretty hoarse, and we're running out to take advantage of the sunshine on our last day here, so more later, yeah?


Iain W. Reeve said...

I only saw the tail end of the game as it started at 7 here and I was up till 2. I'll watch the replays though, see if I can find you guys.

I'm also quite amazed!
Not that you got so close, but that Jay didn't get you both murdered.

How much did the tickets end up costing you?

Lisa said...

Tickets were the heart stopping sum of 45 pounds each, but well worth it for the amazing seats.

Not only did we not get murdered, we didn't even brawl much. Then again, it was a home game, we were sporting the colours and the away team was small and surrounded by the filth, as they call them here.